AMEDON – Your service provider for online communication software in the medical field

We offer individual software solutions and appendant application services. We can realize both your and our ideas and requirements. You receive web-based solutions for acquiring, analyzing and providing data and information for use in…


  • clinical research: data and trial management with eCRF/EDC systems
  • competence management: competence networks in medical facilities
  • telemedicine: diagnosis and monitoring of patients, regardless of time and location of the medical staff
  • corporate communications:  information distribution and communication via internet, but safe.
Security und Standards
  • Data stored in Germany – German Data Protection standards
  • Data security: Data center ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Total Quality Management system
  • Validation processes based on GAMP Good practice guide
  • Applications prepared to be compliant to FDA 21 CFR part 11
Our expertise

We specialize in developing and delivering web-based solutions for clinical research and medical applications.

Our systems support your processes – From data acquisition through data management to deployment and evaluation.

As application service provider we give professional support throughout the lifetime of your application ensuring data protection and security.

We already design, implement and accompany applications in the area of clinical research in internal medicine, cardiology, diabetology, dermatology, pneumology, oncology, immunology, and orthopedics. In addition, our products are used for research on natural remedies and medical devices.

We offer:

  • Cooperative partnership
  • Integer and authentic communication
  • Focus on your needs through personal and individual service
  • Highest quality and safety standards
  • Direct coordination paths through flat hierarchies and direct, continuous contact persons
From idea to innovation

Data and information do not always have to be documented and distributed on paper as it was once traditionally done. Electronic data entry and data storage in a database create new, effective and efficient ways of gathering, deploying and processing data. Internet-based solutions add geographic independence through worldwide data availability.

Based on this idea, a large variety of applications in the fields of medicine and clinical research have been identified that can be optimized by innovative products. Our solutions offer time savings, process optimization, and an improvement in quality in the spirit of Total Quality Management.

Every AMEDON service is tailored to fit our customers and products exactly. AMEDON satisfies the most complex requirements using user-friendly applications. After all, users will only choose applications that are easy to use and save time.

Every project, including our service, is unique. At the same time, we meet the most stringent requirements of a quality management system.

Quality and Safety

Both you and AMEDON have extremely high expectations of the quality of our products and services.

You must be able to rely on us!

We accept this responsibility, and our goal is to live up to it – which is reflected in our quality policy.

Our quality management system is guided by the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM).

All processes within our projects are documented in Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs). Key figures help us to measure quality and to support the continual improvement process as well as meeting all external requirements in the best way possible.

Regular audits ensure that the FDA (21 CRF Part 11 Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures) and GAMP requirements are met and the general rules of good practice are followed at all times.

Data security is for us a matter of course. Access to data is strictly controlled and reproducible. Comprehensive and frequently updated security routines and systems reliably protect all data from unauthorized access.