Data Warehouse

All your data in one „House“

AMEDON Data Warehouse is a fully integrated web application, which interacts with all AMEDON solutions as well as external data. You may combine content from different sources and have everything accessible.

Saving time with qualified results

The AMEDON Data Warehouse introduces a database to pool data from different eCRFs, AMEDON CTMS, other applications or external data like
… e.g. target figures from 
your internal tools.
… to use dashboards or create your own ones.
to create dynamic or static overviews based on live data.
to use standardized reports, customize or build your own.
for scientific, informational or management reasons.
to send back reports into your AMEDON applications (e.g. eCRF or CTMS) to give users access to them.
… to build up risk based study management.